Today, in the midst of a global health crisis epidemic caused by corona virus. As corona virus your leg is being extended hand from one country to another is fear in her mind that direct impacts on its business economy collapsed. According to the World Health Organization COVID-19 aka coronavirus is not full-blown epidemic yet and instead it has been classified as an emergency global health.

Corona 2020 first quarter due to a virus I will have it so a direct impact on business not planned previously to anyone who will deal in this regard. This affect was seen most businesses where people work gathered together hotels, malls, are in Bazar bus, traveling in Metro Flight, work in companies children study a place in schools all worried what will happen now. Due to this confusion began a round of economic recession the most impact on those who do business with China are a loss with the closure of the factory in Pdhakvasvik companies store are temporarily off the effects of a pandemic actual virus Compare lasts very long. Reflecting natural disasters and economic disruption of the market and similar reactions from people like Mahamarion they are caused by the dissolution of the loss of life, destruction and the status quo should not dominate your life concerns at a time. Current should change its strategy for the business.

This time should sell the stock keeping what should be in the stock market or should average came the stock down or stay out of the market, the question today is in the mind of an investor. In this regard, I have a their own personal opinion, first received funds that are available to him with decision making us see the two-you do not need three years the ability to take their chances with regard to investing in this economic downturn needed. Investment should be a must with SIP, but through regular minimum investment of the funds available, given its long-term plans until at least 2 years. If funds adopt immediate exit is not available, the better strategy or wait and watch strategy will also take appropriate steps. It is a natural article we will not be liable for losses arising from selling or buying any shares given their risk.

If you find any mistake please contact the This article is general in nature. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy and sell any stock, and does not take account of your objectives, or your financial situation. Largecapindia has no position in the stocks mentioned. Largecapindia aim to bring you long term focused research analysis driven by fundamental thanks you.

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