Inter Global Aviation reports net profit of INR 4,960 million and EBITDAR of INR 19,607 million for the quarter ended December 2019. Gurgaon, January 27, 2020: InterGlobe Aviation Ltd. (“IndiGo”) reported its third quarter fiscal year 2020 results

• Revenue from Operations of INR 99,317 million for the quarter, an increase of 25.5% against a 19.3% increase in capacity compared to same period last year

• EBITDAR ofINR 19,607 million compared to EBITDAR of INR 16,729 million for the same period last year

• Profit Before Tax of JNR 5,565 million and Profit After Tax of INR 4,960 million for the quarter

• Basic earnings per share was INR 12.89 for the quarter

• Strong balance sheet with total cash aggregating INR 200,687 million including free cash of INR 94,128 million. Increase in cash balance by INR 13,325 million during the quarter Profitability Metrics Particulars Quarter ended (INR mn) Dec’ 19 Dec ’18 Change EBITDAR 19,607 16,729 +17.2% PBT 5,565 1,824 +205.1% PAT 4,960 1,852 +167.9% Operational Metrics Particulars Quarter ended Dec ’19 Dec ’18 Change ASK (billion) 25.8 21.6 +19.3% RPK (billion) 22.6 18.4 +22.6% Load Factor 87.6% 85.3% +2.3 pts The Company’s CEO, Mr. Ronojoy Dutta said, “We reported a before tax of JNR 5.6 billion with a profit before tax margin of 5.6% compared to 2.3% profit before tax margin for the same quarter last year.

We started operations in 7 new international routes and 17 new domestic routes and operated a peak of 1,634 daily departures during the quarter. 1 am very enthusiastic about the way we have been developing our network, connecting cities large and small to provide more choice to our customers. We have added small cities such as Shirdi and Shillong to our network while extending our reach to major cities such as Hanoi and Guangzhou. While expanding we have also been paying a lot of attention to our customer service levels and for the quarter, our on time pe,formance was number one amongst the Indian carriers. We are really serious about our mission of building the best transportation network in the world for India” IndiGo is amongst the fastest growing low cost carriers in the world. lndiGo has a simple philosophy: offer fares that are low, flights that are on time, and a cou1teous, hassle-free travel experience. With its fleet of 257 aircraft as of 31st December 2019, the airline offered 1,634 peak daily flights during the qua1ter and connected 61 domestic destinations and 23 international destinations.

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