Kaveri Seed Company was incorporated in 1986 as ‘Kaveri Seed Company Private Limited’ with Mr. Gundavaram Venkata Bhaskar Rao, Mrs. Gundavaram Vanja Devi and Mr. Rangineni Venu Manohar Rao as the founding promoters of the company. Mr. Gundavaram Venkata Bhaskar Rao is one of the graduates in agronomy and started the business of producing seeds of public varieties of corn millet and sunflower on his land in the village of Gatala Narsingpur Karimnagar district in Andhra Pradesh. The company has continued business in research seed production processing packing and marketing of various high quality hybrid seeds as well as setting up a processing plant in Bellary, Karnataka. In 1987 the company established its marketing office at Davanagere in Karnataka. Established an R&D facility in Bolaram in 1996 for further research and breeding of new hybrids. In 1997 the company established a seed processing plant at Biramulguda. The same year the company introduced hybrid seeds of sunflower near Hyderabad. In 1999, the company increased the seed conditioning capacity to meet the growing demands by setting up a large scale processing plant at Kandalakoi near Hyderabad. In the year 2002, the company’s promoters entered into a complementary business of bio-products and micro-nutrients, for which they established a partnership firm under the name and style of Messrs. Bio-products and micronutrients under the Kaveri Agritech brand Microtech For the creation and marketing of elements. The company has entered into a sub-licensing agreement with Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (India) Limited for BT.
In 2005 a new seed conditioning plant was set up at Gundla Pochampally near Hyderabad and in 2006 at Eluru in Andhra Pradesh with a cob dryer. These cobs drying facilities help process corncobs collected from production areas with high moisture levels. These features gave us the advantage of obtaining seeds with optimum moisture levels with longer shelf life and increased vigor. In September 2006, the company acquired the business assets and liabilities of Messrs. Kaveri Agritech; Providing us the ability to meet the needs of the seeds and plant nutrients (ie bio-products and micronutrients) of farmers under one roof. The company is engaged in the production and marketing of agri-inputs. In 2006 the company was changed to a public limited company and the name of the company was changed to Kaveri Seed Company Limited. In 2007 the company entered into a non-exclusive licensing agreement with JK Agri Genetics Limited for the use of insect tolerant seed lines, for the production of trial marketing and sale of genetically modified hybrid cotton planting seeds.

Symbol-EQ KSCL,Date of Listing-04-Oct-2007, Industry-AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS Symbol P/E-14.65,Sectoral Index P/E-32.89,Sectora-lNIFTY 500 Index, 52 WEEK HIGH LOW 358.00 (19-May-2020)(17-May-2021) 816.65.

”At Kaveri, we are not just satisfied with offering innovative crop solutions, but remain enthused to provide maximum support to our end-users after the launch of our product.”Chairman and Managing Director’s Message.

List ofSubsidiaries
a. Aditla Agri Tecl Private Ltd, b. Kaleri Microlecl Privatc Ltd,c. Genome Agrirech Private ltd and d. Genomix Agri Genetics Privare Ltd.

”A brief profile of Dr. Rayappa Ramappa Hanchinal, Ph.D in Agriculture,appointed as an Additional Director (Non-Executive & Independent) of the Company w.e.f .09.02.2021.Dr. Rayappa Ramappa Hanchinal (DIN:08138621), aged 68 years and obtained his Ph.D in Agriculture, Genetics and Plant Breeding. IIe is also Fellow of National Academy of Ag cultural Sciences, National Academl, of Biological Sciences and Honorary fellow/fellow of many professional societies including BioversityInternational- Rome.Dr.R.R.Hanchinal, former Chairperson of Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers’Rights  Authodty, Covernment of India, also served as Vice Chancellor, Univercity of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad and other key posts namelv Dtector of Extension,Diiector of Research, Special Officer Seecls etc., Hc was advisor to Indonesia Government for the development of Food Crop Research and Senior Seed Production Specialist for the USAID West Africa Seed Alliance-ICRISAT and established commercial seed indushv in five counh.ies.As Chairperson, PPVFRA promoted conservation, protection of Biodiversity,farmers’ varieties and establishment of community seed banks/clonal banks. The model “Take it to the Farmer-Farmers’ Rights through awareness” and,,Take it to the Plant Breeder-Breeder & Researchers’ Rights thr.ough awareness,, helped to protect Biodiversity and promote Patent/lPR. As Vice Chancellor, established a new Agricultural College at Hanumanamatti,B.Tech (Food Science & Technology) degiee programme at Dharu,ad and for the first time established six Agricultural Diploma Colleges in different places in Karnataka.As a plant breeder, Dr. Hanchinal has made significant contribution both in basic and applied research. He has developed and released 23 varieties in different corps.” Outcome of the Board Meeting held on 09th February 2021.

Standalone Yearly Results– in Rs. Cr. – Mar ’20-Mar ’19
Net Sales/Income from operations       883.26       768.99
Other Operating Income                            —               —
Total Income From Operations             883.26       768.99
Consumption of Raw Materials             567.73       532.34
Purchase of Traded Goods                         —             —
Increase/Decrease in Stocks –               100.25     -120.82
Power & Fuel                                             —-           —-

Employees Cost                                          57.31     45.49
Depreciation                                                 24.31     21.18
Excise Duty                                                        —          —
Admin. And Selling Expenses                            —          —
R & D Expenses                                                 —          —
Provisions And Contingencies                            —          —
Exp. Capitalised                                                   —         —
Other Expenses                                               118.95 106.41
P/L Before Other Inc. , Int., Excpt. Items & Tax 215.22 184.39
Other Income                                                   46.56       42.87
P/L Before Int., Excpt. Items & Tax                   261.78   227.26
Interest 0.22 0.13
P/L Before Exceptional Items & Tax                  261.56  227.13
Exceptional Items — —
P/L Before Tax                                                  261.56   227.13
Tax                                                                     10.30     12.40
P/L After Tax from Ordinary Activities                 251.27  214.73
Prior Year Adjustments                                                —       —
Extra Ordinary Items                                                    —       —
Net Profit/(Loss) For the Period                          251.27   214.73
Equity Share Capital                                            12.07      12.63
Reserves Excluding Revaluation Reserves           969.78   1,000.33
Equity Dividend Rate (%)                                       150.00       150.00
EPS Before Extra Ordinary
Basic EPS                                                                 40.14   33.30
Diluted EPS                                                               40.14   33.30
EPS After Extra Ordinary
Basic EPS                                                                 40.14    33.30
Diluted EPS                                                                40.14   33.30
Public Share Holding
No Of Shares (Crores)                                                       —     —
Share Holding (%) — —
Promoters and Promoter Group Shareholding
a) Pledged/Encumbered
– Number of shares (Crores)                                                 —      —
– Per. of shares (as a % of the total sh. of prom. and promoter group) — —
– Per. of shares (as a % of the total Share Cap. of the company) — —
b) Non-encumbered
– Number of shares (Crores) — —
– Per. of shares (as a % of the total sh. of prom. and promoter group) — —
– Per. of shares (as a % of the total Share Cap. of the company) — —
Notes                                                                                  202003   201903

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